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Greetings from

Cista Lueeeze

Just Laugh It Off Shug!
It was an awesome blessing to see each and every one of you at the successful sold out production of the Christian Comedy Stage Play "Bullies in Da Churrrssshhh!!!!!" With overwhelming joy and excitement I humbly give God all Praise, Honor and Glory for choosing to birth this vision through me. It has been such a privilege to have worked with so many gifted people representing over 30 churches throughout seven counties in the great State of North Carolina. God's Love has no walls or limits and His purposes have no barriers. As we reflect on our own mirrors, realizing that we each may have been a Bully, witnessed or were the victim of Bullying, whether emotional or physical, God extends His Grace and Mercy to us all. Let's purposefully allow His presence to abide within us so that Love, Hope and Redemption through Jesus Christ can shine through in our lives and the lives of those we touch.
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